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Statusengine Roadmap

Planed / In development

  • Rewrite Statusengine Broker Module with C++
  • Create new Repository
  • Add Gearman support
  • Add RabbitMQ support
  • Add config file support
  • Create CI build process
  • Process of check results
  • Documentation


  • Resolve Ajax loader align issue in Firefox - thanks to codegagan
  • Add Night-Mode to Ui

Statusengine UI Night Mode

  • [CrateDB] Replace ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE with new ON CONFLICT DO syntax- thanks to vanyasem
  • Add support for bulk and non-bulk messages from queueing engine.
    To use bulk messages in queue, you need to update to the latest version of Statusengine Event Broker Module.
  • Restart dead child processes in case of an unexpected error

  • Add CentOS7 support to Makefile
  • Fix segmentation fault if Gearman-Job-Server is unavailable - thanks to dhoffend
  • Add new broker option gearman_server_list to add a list of failover Gearman-Job-Servers - thanks to dhoffend
  • Add new broker option gearman_dup_server_list to add a list Gearman-Job-Servers where check results got duplicated - thanks to dhoffend
  • Fix a memory leak - thanks to dhoffend
  • Fix make clean in Makefile - thanks to dhoffend

Add filter option at node details view for services

Filter by service in node details overview

Filter by service in node details overview mobile

Fix segmentation fault if contact has no mail or alias

Resolve menu issue on mobile devices

Menu issue on mobile devices

  • Implement Elasticsearch as new performance data backend
  • Fix a bug, where links to a host or service from "Upcoming downtimes" where undefined
  • Set Version to the same as Worker Version number due to Elasticsearch
  • The auto refresh can now bet set by the user in seconds
  • Add state overview to the menu
  • Acknowledged hosts and services or hosts and services that are in a period of downtime, can now be hidden from the dashboard
  • Add a state change notification on the dashboard
    State changes on Statusengine Dashboard
  • Add new menu point "Current Acknowledgements"
    Current Acknowledgements in Statusengine

  • Implement Elasticsearch as new performance data backend
  • Fix a bug, where it was not possible to enable MySQL and CrateDB as performance data backend at the same time
  • Update MySQL schema TINYINT(1) to TINYINT(2) for non boolean values to increase ORM compatibility

The Redis section of the file config.yml got the key db: 0 to define which Redis database should be used.

# Configuration of your redis server
  port: 6379
  db: 0

Planed: Implement Elasticsearch as performance data backend

With Statusengine UI 3.0.1, empty state blocks on the dashboard will be hidden.

Hide empty state blocks on Statusengine Dashboard

Release Statusengine UI 3.0.0

Release Statusengine Worker 3.0.0

Release Statusengine Event Broker Module 3.0.0 for Nagios 4 and Naemon